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FurrrQuencies are the different energy centers in your pet that create energy and flows throughout their bodies similar to a person's chakras. Our pets are tuned into us on many levels- emotionally, physically and intuitively.  Our pet's energy centers mimic our own so if they have a blocked energy center, we most likely have the same blockage as well.  By working on our pets in order to balance their energy centers and open up their energy flow, it helps us to release our own blockages.  Our natural, intuitively guided FurrrQuency line of products helps heal your furbabies energy which, in turn, helps you to heal. Let the power of the energy inside your furbabies help heal your mind, body and spirit.  By tuning into your pet's FurrrQuency, you not only align your spirit, but you balance your furbabies and together you become the spirit that is you!

Want to learn more about FurrrQuency?  See the video below!


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