Giving Back

The Salt of the Earth Co. believes that we are one community and one people separated by geography but united by the spirit of humanity.  An integral part of our purpose is to serve others which is why The Salt of the Earth Co. is proud to partner with The Dirt Road Project, a Nonprofit Organization.  Our company will donate $1.00 from each order to their mission.  The Dirt Road Project was founded in 2017 by April Benson. Their mission inspires courageous living through empowering under-served communities with hope, passion and purpose; leads in love and reaches the broken with respect and integrity; values all human life, particularly society's most vulnerable; and seeks to develop diversity through meaningful enterprise by embracing all peoples.  

The Dirt Road Project exists to empower under-served communities in achieving wellness and economic prosperity through sustainable opportunities.  Initiatives of The Dirt Road Project include healthcare, education, sustainable food programs and housing in Haiti.  Through collaboration and provision of training programs, Haitian communities will be able to thrive without dependency upon the government or outside relief.

Locally, the Dirt Road Project focuses on three key under-served populations - intellectually and developmentally disabled, single-parent families, and veterans.

For more information about The Dirt Road Project and to see the impact they are having in Haiti and in Rochester, New York, visit their website at: or follow them on Facebook at /TheDirtRoadProject.